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KomVISH is a stand-alone Software for real-time visualization of big data stemming from laser scanning. Simple interfaces allow quick data exchange from and to geographic information systems (GIS) for lines and polygons. Parts of the laser data can be cropped out and transferred or exported for further processing.


Supported GIS systems


Visualization features reveal more details:

Digital Elevation Model

Shaded and colored surfaces enriched with color coded height lines.
Level-of-Detail Data

Shaded surface of cadaster data via level-of-detail.
Point Clouds of Laser Scans

Color coded LiDAR echoes illustrated by small geometry elements.
Aerial Images

Colored point clouds by aerial images.
Line and Area Measurements

Distance and area measurements on all visible geometries.
Transfer of Polygons and Data Export

Polygon creation and transfer to and from GIS. Mass data export inside defined polygons.

Interactive features ease the workflow with big data.

Download and Order

System Requirements:

  • PC running Windows version 7 or higher.
  • 300MB storage for KomVISH
  • 16GB RAM
  • NVIDIA GPU, 970-GTX or higher
  • 5.5GB storage for the data-demo, SSD recommended

    Note: The visualization in KomVISH is not limited
    by data size. Dependent of the project size a SSD
    disk or a raid-system ≥ 500GB is recommended.


The data-demo shows a small communal. Explore the data coupled with the GIS systems Kominfo and ArcGIS, or via the stand-alone application. Data is downloaded by the KomVISH installer.
Following data sets are combined:
  • Digital terrain model (DTM), 5m resolution
  • Cadastral map including height information
  • Digital surface model (DSM), 20cm resolution, colored by aerial images
  • Level-of-detail buildings
  • Measurements of a terrestrial survey
  • High resolution point cloud of airborne LiDAR, 5-10cm resolution

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  Digital Elevation Models


Digital elevation models are illustrated by oriented rectangles. Visually this forms closed and shaded surfaces resulting in a seizable 3D representation of a DTM or DSM. Surfaces are colored by height. Additionally, marker lines can be faded in to either represent contour lines or a horizontal grid. Thus, height information can be read like from a standard map.
  Level-of-Detail Data

Cadaster data as lines with height information (3D lines) and buildings as LOD data displayed by shaded surfaces.

Level-of-Detail or LOD Data are illustrated as triangulated Objects. They are shown as shaded surfaces in a user defined color. Alternatively, a wireframe representation can be enabled.
  Point Clouds of Laser Scans

High resolution LiDAR point cloud colored by reflectivity and height.

Point clouds are represented by small geometry elements and are colored by height, a data-field (e.g. reflectance), or a combination of both, and shaded. The number of points to be illustrated is unlimited and visible parts of the data set are loaded and provided most efficiently by the data layer. The border of the points can be darkened to gain a better contrast for single points or kept flat to visually mix into a surface representation.
  Aerial Images

Topdown view on aerial images mapped onto the digital surface model in parallel projection - map-like view.

Aerial Images are shown either directly on the measurement points, or below the DEM as in the 3D space placed images.
  Line and Area Measurements

Area and distance measurement by the interactive polygon on combined data of ditigal surface model and LiDAR point cloud.

A line or polygon can be created using an interactive measurement tool. Every visible geometry is a valid a target for the measurement. Additionally, a snapping can be activated to snap to the exact data points. Besides distances, also relative heights, horizontal distances and areas can be evaluated, as well as angles and total length.
  Transfer of Polygons and Data Export

Measurement polygon on a high resolution LiDAR point cloud colored by reflectance.

One or more measure polygons are sent by one click directly to the instance of an open GIS application. Thus, polygons can easily be created directly on the data-points and added to, modified, and enriched by the GIS system.
Data points, such as high resolution LiDAR data, can be exported from polygonal regions as ASCII tables (CSV), LAZ files, or as F5 (HDF5) files.

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